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Busan, April 2018

Fish Market


Busan is the biggest port city in South Korea, located in the south east of the country. As a port city, it is most famous for all the different varieties of seafood. Therefor, the fish markets of Busan shouldn't be missed.

The Jagalchi (자갈치 [Chagalch'i]) fish market is the biggest fish market in all of South Korea. The sea creatures are caught daily in Busan and sold on the many streets of the fishmarket, and in the indoor seafood market.

If you know Korean, it is common to haggle here. A common phrase to use there is 좀 깎아 주세요 [chom kkakka chuseyo].

Because most of the sea creatures are still alive, once in a while they attempt to escape. 

On the second floor, there is a restaurant where you can take the fresh fish you have bought and have the owners prepare it for you right there.

Outside of the bulding, the streets of Busan are filled with more little stalls selling sea foods, this time both alive and dead.

Stalled out fish Jagalchi Busan

Much like indoors, if you buy fish outside, you can easily find a restaurant in one of the many streets to prepare the seafood fresh for you.

Seafood tray Jagalchi Busan

IN the street stalls, you can buy sets of seafood, as well as already prepared fish and other foods, such as fishcakes and spices. 

Baked Fish Jagalchi Busan
Woman preparing fish Jagalchi Busan
fish cakes Busan

The fish markets are located near the Nampo Port (남포항), where all the fresh seafood is caught and transported from. When visiting the fish markets, definitely go there and take a look at the beautiful view.

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