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Busan, August 2019

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple


Though there are many Buddhist temples in Korea, this one in Busan is considered special. It is one of the few located next to the shore, as opposed to most temples that are high up in the mountains. It's also one of only three temples in Korea dedicated to the Goddess of Buddha.


Upon arriving at the temple, first thing you come across are these 12 statues of human-like animals representing the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs. It's a popular spot to take pictures with your own zodiac.


At the end of the row of statues is this 7-tier Pagoda. Here, you can pray for traffic safety.

Doraeji Temple Supjengi Park

According to historical records, Mālānanda was part of the Eastern Jin dynasty of China. He was most likely sent to Paekje as part of an official mission to King Ch'imnyu (침류왕). He established the first Buddhist monastry in Wiryesŏng (위례성), the capital of Paekje, which resided in what now would be Seoul.

Buddha Doraeji Temple Supjaegi park
Buddha Doraeji Temple Supjaegi park
Buddha Doraeji Temple Supjaegi park
stone stacking Doraeji Temple Supjaegi park

Surrounding the temple, there were many small stacks of stones. This rock stacking is common sight around temples and hiking trails. It is said that if you are able to stack a  rock on top of a stack without it tipping over, your wish will come true. 

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