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Seoul, July 2018

Doodle World


Mr. Doodle, a famous doodle artist from the UK, has come to Korea in the summer of 2018 to exhibit his works in the Ara Art Center in Seoul.  Titled "Doodle World", his exhibition features multiple rooms with different themes. Some spaces are filled with canvases of his works, while other spaces serve as his canvas in and of itself.

If interested, you can go to this exhibition until September 9, 2018.

At the very beginning of the exposition, there is a huge artwork with the title doodled on the wall. As South Koreans are known for their selfie and instagram culture, there is a marking on the floor for where to stand for the perfect selfie angle with this background, as seen on the left. 

Collaborating with Samsung, Mr. Doodle created this exhibition to promote their new Galaxy S9 line of phones. As such, the exhibition features the phones in multiple, interactive ways, including this wall of phones displaying videos of his process creating the collection. 

Eiffel Tower Mr Doodle

One of the rooms is filled with drawings of famous world landmarks. The pictures consist of doodles with topical themes.

Great Sphinx of Giza Mr Doodle
London Bridge Mr Doodle
Sad Burger Mr Doodle

One part of the exhibition features a wholely doodled room consisting of only one line.

One Line Mr Doodle
Octosad Mr Doodle

The whole exhibition took Mr Doodle 3 months to make, most of it made directly in the space it would be exhibited in. He drew from early morning into the night, skipping weekends to finish in time.

Holiday Rush Mr Doodle
Mona Lisa Mr Doodle
Girl WIth The Pearl Earring Mr Doodle

One of the spaces are filled with well-known artworks, reimagined by Mr Doodle.

Angela Merkel and Queen Elizabeth Mr Doodle
Vladimir Putin Mr Doodle

One of the last spaces of the exhibition shows great leaders of the world in doodles.

Donald Trump Mr Doodle
Kim Jong-un (김정운) Mr Doodle

Much like with the land marks, the doodles  making up the portraits of the leaders are topical.

Kim Jong-un 김정운 Mr Doodle
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